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Applying Essential Oils in Massage

Herbal and essential oils are an integral part of every masseuse. They give the massage a new dimension, and their smells can be relaxing or stimulating.

Essential oils should always be diluted in base oil, carefully closed and kept in a cold and dark place.

Essential oils and their action:

Bergamot - acts as a natural antiseptic, helps with depression and acne. The oil is phototoxic, meaning that after massage with this oil you should not expose your skin to sunlight.

Eucalyptus - a natural antiseptic, stimulates, helps with coughing, colds and pains.

Chamomile - it works soothing, antidepressant, it helps with headaches, insect kills and mosquitoes.

Lavender - a natural antiseptic and analgesic, it acts soothing, helps with headaches and insomnia, stimulates circulation.

Neroli - it works soothing, natural aphrodisiac, helps with anxiety and insomnia, nourishes dry skin.

Rosemary - stimulates, improves memory, relieves rheumatic pain. It is suitable for sports massage.

Ylang-ylang - acts as an antidepressant and soothing, natural antiseptic and aphrodisiac, it is recommended for the treatment of fatty and sensitive skin.

Rose - is a natural antiseptic, it acts soothing and antidepressant.

Tea maker - works against fungus and bacteria, soothes.

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