Full Body Massage Parlour in Delhi

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Swedish Back Massage with Cupping

Cupping belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. During cupping, small bells are placed on the back from which the air is extracted so that vacuum is formed. As a result of the vacuum, skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles break apart, the stubborn adhesions cease to exist, and it also triggers a high blood pressure and lymph drainage that enhances detoxification.


Swedish face or foot massage

During massage, relax with the catches of Swedish massage in west delhi, move the muscles of the face or sole, relieve tension and stress. For foot massage, touch the reflex zones as well. These types of massages have a pleasant, soothing effect, in which the individual relaxes and relaxes.

For each massage, only essential oils, oils and high quality creams free from natural materials, dye and artificial material are used.