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Massage with Aromatherapy Couple

Relax. Leave the mind blank. And share this zen moment with who you want. There is the ideal space and the perfect plan for it. Nice Deals offers you a couple massage to travel through the senses in a warm, warm and restful environment.

Through different relaxation techniques, you will enter a world of peace and serenity, in which you will forget everything that surrounds you. And in that process to achieve maximum well-being, aromatherapy will also help. Essential oils act on the mind and on the emotions, freeing you from stress and daily exhaustion.

If you want to share a moment of tranquility and absolute well-being with that special person, this proposal is perfect!''


The heart rhythm regulating feature is wine massage which is a very important and special massage, in the technical application the massage with the grapefruit concentrate accelerates the blood circulation and increases the pumping process and oxygen in the body. The white or red wine applied with the skin seaweed and shock absorption is shocked . Later, the circulation of the blood circulation is ensured by the treatment with the body brush. The antioxidant substance in the wine makes cell renewal and prevents skin dryness. At the end of this 90-minute massage you will have a soft skin and relaxed muscles. We also have a glass of wine.

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Full Body to Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi

Do your stress and tension come in more? Give yourself a rewarding relaxation and relaxing time with the Wellness SPA proposal!


• Classical full body to body massage in kailash colony (45 minutes), plus Wellness SPA & Beauty - for 29lv instead of 80lv;

• Hawaiian lomi lomi body massage in delhi (50 minutes), plus use of Wellness SPA - for 39lv instead of 115lv;

• Whole body to body massage in delhi with foam in a Turkish bath (50 minutes), plus use of Wellness SPA.

Wellness SPA center includes the use of:
• beach with water mirror;
• panoramic sauna;
• sauna with Himalayan salt;
• Aroma steam baths;
• Jacuzzi;
• laconium;
• relax zone with live fire.
More about massages:

Classical massage
This body massage in delhi uses a technique with slow and light basic techniques. This is one of the most popular massages in the world and a means of many people to get rid of everyday stress and fatigue.

Hawaiian massage
At the heart of this massage in delhi is the Hawaiian philosophy of life and happiness. It builds on the understanding that every being strives for harmony and love. Lom-Lomi is also called "loving hands massage". The massage is performed with rhythmic smooth movements without excessive pressure. It combines several different techniques. The healing effect continues to work long after the procedure.

Massage with foam in a Turkish bath
Implemented in the Turkish bath - Hamam, the full body massage in kailash colony delhi has an even more relaxing and healing effect. The high temperature in Hammam and 100% humidity contribute to the great experience. After your procedure, your skin will be firmer, smooth and supple, and will have a healthier look, and you will feel reborn.

Swedish Full Body Massage in Delhi

The Swedish full body massage in delhi moves the deep muscles of the body, which makes it particularly relaxing.


During the  full body massage in delhi, the body is mild, dangling, creating vibration imitation. The procedure performed by this technique increases the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream and releases toxins in the muscles. The relaxing effect is strengthened by the use of a variety of oil mixtures that contain highly beneficial recipe essences.

Massage effect:

deep relaxes;
helps to eliminate toxins;
promotes blood circulation;
eliminates muscle tension;
improves joint flexibility;
stimulates the activity of internal organs;
eliminates fatigue;
increase work capacity;

improves mood.


Experience the benefits of this massage!


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Full Body Massage in Lajpat Nagar Delhi by Female

Relax, well-being and beauty in this complete body session with exfoliation based on seawater, bamboo and jojoba, and a nutritious massage with essential oils at the Wellness Body Massage Centres in Delhi.


Body exfoliation is a routine of fundamental beauty. Eliminates dead skin cells, activates natural renewal and facilitates the absorption of hydration that is carried out below. During the summer, it unifies the tanning and makes it last for longer. This exfoliation is done with a mixture of sea water, bamboo and jojoba oil.

After exfoliation and a quick shower, the skin will be perfectly prepared for the body massage in south delhi.

The nutritional massage hydrates the skin in depth and stimulates its natural capacity of defense against the harmful action of the external environmental agents at the same time as it eliminates tensions and transports to an intense moment of peace. Massage is done with natural essential oils.

A treatment that adds extra nutrition to your skin, while allowing you to pamper yourself during the delicious 60 minutes of the session.

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Female to Male Body Massage in Delhi

Applying Essential Oils in Massage

Herbal and essential oils are an integral part of every masseuse. They give the massage a new dimension, and their smells can be relaxing or stimulating.

Essential oils should always be diluted in base oil, carefully closed and kept in a cold and dark place.

Essential oils and their action:

Bergamot - acts as a natural antiseptic, helps with depression and acne. The oil is phototoxic, meaning that after massage with this oil you should not expose your skin to sunlight.

Eucalyptus - a natural antiseptic, stimulates, helps with coughing, colds and pains.

Chamomile - it works soothing, antidepressant, it helps with headaches, insect kills and mosquitoes.

Lavender - a natural antiseptic and analgesic, it acts soothing, helps with headaches and insomnia, stimulates circulation.

Neroli - it works soothing, natural aphrodisiac, helps with anxiety and insomnia, nourishes dry skin.

Rosemary - stimulates, improves memory, relieves rheumatic pain. It is suitable for sports massage.

Ylang-ylang - acts as an antidepressant and soothing, natural antiseptic and aphrodisiac, it is recommended for the treatment of fatty and sensitive skin.

Rose - is a natural antiseptic, it acts soothing and antidepressant.

Tea maker - works against fungus and bacteria, soothes.

The touch power is beneficial. Treat yourself to a quality female to male body massage in delhi or relax your close, good full body massage service in delhi. Massage is a gift that works on the one who receives it, but also on the one who is giving it.


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Swedish Back Massage with Cupping

Cupping belongs to traditional Chinese medicine. During cupping, small bells are placed on the back from which the air is extracted so that vacuum is formed. As a result of the vacuum, skin, subcutaneous connective tissue and muscles break apart, the stubborn adhesions cease to exist, and it also triggers a high blood pressure and lymph drainage that enhances detoxification.


Swedish face or foot massage

During massage, relax with the catches of Swedish massage in west delhi, move the muscles of the face or sole, relieve tension and stress. For foot massage, touch the reflex zones as well. These types of massages have a pleasant, soothing effect, in which the individual relaxes and relaxes.

For each massage, only essential oils, oils and high quality creams free from natural materials, dye and artificial material are used.

Body Massage in Delhi

If you suffer from eg. Soreness, fatigue or frequent headache attacks, body massage in delhi is a very effective and comfortable treatment.

I want to work in depth with those areas where there are tension or pain, and often I will give you exercises that you can continue working with at home. As a rule, massage in combination with exercises has a noticeable effect.

You can also choose massage when you need to experience peace, well-being and attention. If you like, I can also teach you relaxation techniques that you can enjoy everyday.

When I massage, I work in natural interaction with your breath and in close dialogue with you. This makes you aware of how you can get a better connection to the body - and not least how you can use the breath as a relief for relaxation.

With massage you will receive care while at the same time gaining greater body awareness - thus experiencing more vitality and freedom of movement in everyday life.

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